Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Art School...

So they say that most great artists have spent some time at art school.  And now I am.  Not great, but trying hard.  Had my first day yesterday.  Very exciting.  The thing is, I've always wanted to go to uni.  I just got waylaid by life.  During year 11, my Mum died.  I never went back to school.  Went wild in fact.  But then I got older and wiser, calmer and much more aware of my mortality.  
So, I went to TAFE.  Got a Diploma in Applied Photography and now a couple years down the track, I'm doing a Degree in Visual Arts.  
I have decided that I will track all my uni work, ideas, thoughts, processes and anything else that tickles my fancy on this blog.  I considered renaming it to "How to take yourself seriously, part 1". But changed my mind.

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