Thursday, March 6, 2008

Under the pump..

I'm feeling under the pump. My days are full, my nights are full. I go out to uni or to shoot, I get home do uni work or process images. From the minute I get up, to when I go to bed. Its good. Its hard.

I've got all this work to create for upcoming exhibitions. I am excited to have these opportunities but will feel much better about them once the work is made. It's also pressurizing. I made some work last year, got nominated for a few awards and won one. Got some attention. Now got some opportunities. I hope I can live up to peoples expectations. It's definitely easier when you are just making work that no one knows about in advance, it's just you and your hope. Not everyone elses. Not that I am ungrateful, I'm truly thankful, just a little scared and wanting to express it...

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