Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Uni Stick Her Project.

I am doing a project relating to stickers for uni. You know, those things stuck on walls and other stuff.
I had two ideas, the second was to take photos of stickers around Melbourne that other people had stuck up. Then to collate them into groups of relating stickers. I may still do this. My first idea is the one I went with, so keep reading.
My idea was to stick speech bubbles on ethnographic images to give the subjects a voice. There is something troubling about these photographic images. I get the sense that the subject has become an object. It may have been that the photographer had good intentions. However, as a contemporary viewer and one who is of Aboriginal descent, I find them confronting. To me, these images, which take Aboriginal people out of the bush and into the studio represent the actual displacement of the race.
My intention is to give these frozen and silent people a voice. I wrote down many things that I wanted them to say. Trying to find catchphrases that I could play with. I then had the idea of animating the mouths, Monty Python style. This turns them into puppet-like subjects which I feel ties in nicely.

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