Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Not so much slack as freakin flat out...

So, turns out that a few people have been reading this blog, yet I have failed to post anything in over a year.  Time to turn that around.  I have just returned from four weeks on the Tiwi Islands (80kms) north off the coast of Darwin.  I have been photographing a community of Aboriginal Transgender women that live  who call themselves the 'Sistagirls'.  Such a beautiful and inspiring community.  Of a total population of around 2,500 on the islands, there are between 40-50 'Sistagirls'.

Anyway, over the next few days I will post some behind the scenes photographs for you to have a look at.  The 'Sistagirls' blew my mind and I hope that they inspire you in the same way.

bindi x

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Anonymous said...

Hey sis, you just got a new reader to your blog - will be checkin on the regular. Congratulations on your latest! You are an inspiration. x One L - Nish!