Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Flour, Sugar, Tea

It's a new year, well into it actually and the first of a number of exhibitions that I have coming up is upon us.  Next Thursday night (18th March), myelf and a lovely lady by the name of Paola Balla are opening Flour, Sugar, Tea.  Here's a spiel....:

Flour, Sugar, Tea - Featuring Paola Balla and Bindi Cole

Koori women nurtured children and families with resistance, resilience and strength through suffering and loss to create something new.

Government rations of flour, sugar and tea took on significance as core food sources to supplement the survival of Koori people through the mission days. Survival meant making do with what you had, from hiding children under the flour bags to protect them from being taken away, to the creation of nutritional issues that create a gap in life expectancy between Aboriginal people and non-Aboriginal people.

Flour, sugar and tea remain with Kooris today, in memories, bodies, recipes and stories.

Flour, Sugar, Tea is part of Footscray Community Art Centre's F.A.C.T program.

Hope to see you at the opening... xxx

Ps.  I promise to blog more often this year.  

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hacky said...

Hey Bindi, What did you do for this exhibition? is there some way to have a look at it?
I was really inspired by your 'Not really Aboriginal' exhibition a few years ago, as a fair skinned koorie myself. I was not brought up with my koorie culture, however your art inspired me to find out more about my history and culture. Thanks so much for that.