Monday, May 24, 2010

The Sports Club Project - Next Wave Festival

Howdy fellow art lovers.

I wanted to let you know with shockingly short and terribly slack notice, that I have two major things opening up this week.  This post relates to the second, which I will post first for some reason.  You might be aware that there is a huge art festival on at the moment called Next Wave.  It is very cool.  Lots of amazing stuff on.  Well as part of that, I have been invited, along with a handful of other artists, to take over the MCG (oh hallowed ground), for one long day and install artwork there.  This is happening next Saturday.  It opens at 1pm and runs till 8pm.  It's free and it's gonna blow your minds.  So come along and check it out.  Ch ch Check it.

Here's a link:

My work involves some portraits of sexy Aboriginal sports stars, sporting object sculpture and a mock infomercial selling the Ab Blaster 40,000!  The secret to why all Aboriginal people are good at sport.

I will be there all day, so come and say hi (if you're not too shy)

bindi x

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