Thursday, September 29, 2011

Coming up..!

It's quite strange to be experiencing the victory over Bolt while living (briefly) in Brooklyn, NYC.  On one hand, it's nice to be away from it all and on the other, it would have been good to be in the thick of things.  Such is life and such is a busy one!

I wanted to let you know of a couple of events that I am participating in over the next few weeks.  While here in NYC, I am a part of two very exciting projects.  The first being the staging of the exhibition 'Saying No' at MoCADA.  'Saying No' explores how urban Aboriginal people reconcile spirituality.  This exhibition was first shown in Melbourne at the Arts Centre under the name 'Nyah-bunyar' and is a show I curated.  It is currently on at MoCADA as we speak until November 6th 2011.  There are a couple of talks that I would like to highlight:

Curators Talk with myself and Kalia Brooks (MoCADA Director of Exhibitions) @ 7-9pm, Thursday 29th September.

Guided Exhibition Tours with myself @ 6-8pm, Thursday 6th October and 1-2pm, Saturday 8th October.

The second project that I'm involved in is called Art in Odd Places and is an arts festival exploring ritual, ceremony, habituation, myth, obsession, superstition and liturgy.  My project is called 'The Shelter Under The Shadow Of His Wings'.  Again a few different events that I will be a part of that I highly recommend.  Firstly, the opening reception, where I will be staging the first part of my project at Theatrelab, 137 West 14th Street between Sixth and Seventh Avenues @ 6-9pm.

I am then taking part in a panel called Ritual in Public Space with Dr Stephen Hazan Arnoff, May Joseph and Setha Low on Tuesday, 4th October, 6pm @ Pratt Manhattan Gallery, 133 W 14th St, 2nd Floor.

Lastly (for this post anyway), I will be staging my project, 'The Shelter Under The Shadow Of His Wings' during a tour of the festival by curators Kalia Brooks and Trinidad Fombella on Saturday 8th October, 4-5pm @ Our Lady of Guadalupe church on 328 W 14th Street.

I hope to see you at one of these events and please feel free to always come up and say hello... 

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