Monday, October 22, 2012

How White is Our Art?

I know that it's short notice and I'm terrible at keeping this blog thing up to date but I thought I'd post the details anyway, so that those of you who do bother to look here might get the information on time. This Thursday the 25th October 2012, I am a guest on the panel discussing - How White is Our Art. It is part of the A Question of Identity Series being presented by the Melbourne Festival and the Wheeler Centre.

I'll be joined by Lesley Alway, CEO of Asialink, African singer/songwriter Kobya, Michael Agar, whose works promotes cultural exchange between Australia and our neighbours and the discussion will be moderated by Damian Smith, curator and art critic.

It's $20 full price and $12 concession.  Here's the blurb from the website:

Some believe that multiculturalism is ‘a racism of anti-racists’ that ‘chains people to their roots’, as controversial French writer Pascal Bruckner has said. But curator Damian Smith believes that histories and traditions don’t need to be restrictive: artists can draw on these rich resources as part of the tapestry of creative expression. ‘In the hands of artists, culture can be a springboard to knowledge and transformation,’ he says. How is Melbourne’s chorus of cultures reflected in the art we produce and promote? Does the rich diversity of our markets and restaurant strips translate to our galleries and stages – or to the boardrooms of our major organisations, where decisions are made? And does it matter? Damian will conduct a many-voiced discussion on cultural diversity and the arts in Australia.

You can also follow the links above to get more information and to buy tix.

Hope to see you there. And just because I can, here's a little Monday morning goodness.

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